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The Backseat Shrink book cover

THE BACKSEAT SHRINK. Dr. Carlton Lowe, renowned psychiatrist and wealthy cultural snob is blackmailed by his wife and long-time attorney who mastermind a scheme to cash in on his impending fame and fortune. His wife takes everything except the hideous 1970s family station wagon that had been stored in the garage for decades. Without a legal leg to stand on or a pot to piss in, Dr. Lowe is officially homeless and living in his station wagon in downtown Chicago. He soon finds himself the backseat shrink to a cast of street denizens - the very destitute underclass who he had once blatantly voiced his outright disgust for.  READ MORE

Genre. Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Suspense.

The Backseat Shrink book cover

NOFNIK BATTLE OF FROYD. A brutal despot known as Sir Froyd, in an act of revenge, overthrows a kingdom in a sneaky ploy. When one brave Nofnik confronts Sir Froyd, he is thrown into the dungeon where he awaits his beheading. His son and daughter set forth on a hair raising journey to save the kingdom and their father’s head. But Sir Froyd’s ally, a half-human, half-eagle beast “Eagle Claw”, stalks them like prey. Non-stop adventure.... READ MORE

Genre. Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama.